Two couples practice their putting on The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando’s golf course.

The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando Blog Spring Break Golf-Related Activities To Do With Friends And Family In Orlando


With Spring Break not too far away, golf lovers living in colder environments have the chance to plan the ultimate getaway. If you are looking at options for destinations, Orlando, Florida is the way to go to get back into the game.

A successful golf vacation requires knowing which course(s) present challenges for players of different levels, as well as the opportunity to improve your skills. A long day of golf should also be followed by the right dinners to celebrate the occasion.

Staying at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando can help you get the most out of your golf retreat. Here are Spring Break golf-related activities to do with friends and family in Orlando.

Alternate Shots

If are you looking for ways to make your games of golf a more team-based activity, then a game of Alternate Shots can help. With this game, you can have two teams where one player hits the tee shot, the next player plays the approach, and you continue with each shot and team member until you get the ball in the hole.

Alternate Shots can work if you know each member of your team has a better time hitting certain shots than others. This can also help speed up your game if you have other activities planned for the day.

Mom cheering on the golf course surrounded by her partner and friends at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando.

5 Clubs

Golfer attempts to hit out of a sand trap on the Jack Nicklaus course while 3 friends watch.

A golf vacation at The Bear’s Den gives you the opportunity to test your skills, and one game that focuses on that is 5 Clubs. Players are tested by only being allowed to use a driver, 6 iron, 8 iron, pitching wedge, and putter.

By being limited on the clubs you can use, you will be forced to change your strategy and may have a harder time with holes or environments that would normally be easy. If you practice enough with this game, you may be able to use your new strategy in the future.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

Another way you can make golf more interesting, especially in a large group, is with a game of Bingo, Bango, Bongo. The fun of this activity comes from the different ways you can score points for yourself.

In Bingo, Bango, Bongo, points are awarded to the first player to reach the green, the player closest to the hole on the approaching shot, and the first player to put out. The winner is whoever has the best score at the end of the game.



Man holding a golf club on a green

Friendly competition can make your golf retreat more entertaining, and a game of Skins is a prime example. You give each hole a point, or “skin,” and the winner of each hole gets that hole’s skin.

Skins carry over to the next hole if two or players tie in a hole, and you can give holes more points based on factors such as difficulty. While this activity can be challenging, the chance of making a good hole can help boost your chances of winning.

Four Ball

Your Bear’s Den getaway with golfers of different skill levels requires considering games that may work for the less experienced. With Four Ball, you can create a tournament with friends or family who are still new to golf.

In Four Ball, you play in teams of two, and the team score for each hole is the lowest score made by either teammate. You can use this opportunity to teach your teammate so that both of you can help your chances of winning.

Family playing a round of gold near the Nicklaus Clubhouse at Bear's Den Resort


Couple playing a round of golf at the Bear's Den Resort Orlando

If you are looking for ways to pack in as many games as possible during your retreat, then we recommend time for Scramble. This activity allows a steady pace for golfers by focusing on the lowest scores possible.

With Scramble, you use a stroke-based format in which each player hits their tee shot and you decide which tee shot is in the best position. Your team will play your second shots from that tee shot and continue for every shot until the end of the game.

Bear’s Den Tournament

Staying at The Bear’s Den gives you three courses to choose from: Jack Nicklaus Course, Arnold Palmer Course, and Tom Watson Course. Staying at this resort for at least a week gives you the chance to see what each course has to offer.

Each golf course comes with their own designs and challenges, which gives you the opportunity to start your own game. You can golf at each course to see who has the best score at each location, or you can try each course multiple times with different activities.

Jack Nicklaus golf course pond at the Bear's Den Resort

Bear’s Den Meals

Two couples raising drink glasses in a toast at the Traditions Restaurant Bar.

When it comes to enjoying a nice meal with fellow golfers before and after games, Nicklaus Clubhouse at Bear’s Den is a reliable destination. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners come with different options to help you start and end the day.

Eating at Nicklaus Clubhouse allows you to gain the energy needed for the day’s game or celebrate a victory with a large dinner. You can also discuss ideas for different games for the rest of the vacation over drinks.

Having fun and improving your skills on a golf vacation can be a challenge, but Bear’s Den aims to make the process a piece of cake. Book with The Bear’s Den today for a memorable golf vacation.

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