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The Bear’s Den Membership Club is a whole new ball game.

Instead of getting locked into a timeshare that gives you nothing back, or a fraction of a vacation property deed with very little flexibility or value, a Bear’s Den Club membership is the best of everything… the best balance between family fulfillment and financial fulfillment, at a price point that makes actual sense.

The Bear’s Den Membership Club has never been done before, because it’s never been possible before.

It’s a vacation product for the new decade, for the new millennium; it’s the Uber of vacation rental property.

A Product for the Next Generation

The Bear’s Den Membership Club is a Millennial’s dream.

It’s a vacation membership that provides a young and growing family with fun usage of a luxury property for multiple weeks per year. It provides solid and continuous cash flow, and the ability to exchange your membership for stays all over the world.

When you purchase a Bear’s Den Resort Orlando membership, you’re stepping into a new world of vacations and of possibilities.

Reunion Resort water park: Family smiles while entering the lazy river ride.
Family of parents and kids eating at Traditions restaurant in The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando’s Jack Nicklaus Clubhouse.

The two biggest problems faced by timeshare owners and fractional owners:

  1. Paying something every single month just for the right to have a cheaper vacation once or twice per year. The value isn’t there.
  2. You can’t resell. If you do, it’ll be at a deep discount.

The innovators behind the Bear’s Den Membership Club wanted to make a new kind of vacation product: one in which the product is profitably liquid.

By giving members the option to rent out a property on a short-term basis when they are not using it, the Bear’s Den Membership Club is able to show profitability—rental income—over time.

The properties in the membership pool are part of a premier hospitality group’s booking and marketing system, so finding short term renters is never the member’s concern. Unlike other investors in short term vacation rental properties, you’re never going to have one home in your membership pool undercutting others on price.

For this reason, you can evaluate a Bear’s Den Club membership in the same way you’d look at a piece of commercial property.

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Sunset view of the Jack Nicklaus golf course and clubhouse at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando.