Bike Rentals at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando

There’s no better way to explore the resort than by bicycle. From single bikes to multi-peddler surreys, you can rent them and ride them here. Helmets are available for adults and children, as well as training wheels for select kids’ bicycles – ensuring everyone has the equipment they need to get out and have a good time.

Get Ready for Your Bike Ride

Head over to the front desk at the Water Park, which also handles bike rentals. Choose regular bikes or pedal family style on a surrey bike.

For surrey bike rentals, guests must be 18 years of age or older to drive. In addition, guests must be 58 inches or taller to be in a pedaling position.

For all bike rentals, riders must wear closed-toed shoes. No flip flops, bare feet, or open-toed shoes, please.

Rentals begin at 10 a.m. and end one hour before the Water Park closes.

To make reservations or ask questions about bike rentals, please call our Water Park front desk.

Family of four riding a covered Surrey bike together.

Bike Rental Pricing

  • Adults $10/hour,
  • Children $8/hour,

Surrey Bike Pricing

  • Single Bench $25 for 30 minutes

    Can accommodate 2 people on the bench and 2 children in the front child seat.

  • Double Bench $30 for 30 minutes

    Can accommodate 4 people total on the benches and 2 children in the front child seat.