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The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando Blog 8 Resort Amenities to Look for During Holiday Retreats in Orlando

Having a successful vacation during the holiday season requires knowing what can help you relax or have fun based on your needs. When looking at options for a resort, a proper amenity checklist can quickly solve this problem.
Each area of your room should include features that help you prepare for a day out at local attractions, as well as help you unwind after hours of fun. If you plan on having guests over, your space should be designed for a variety of fun occasions.
Staying at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando grants you access to the right amenities for your experience. Here is a guide on resort amenities to look for during holiday retreats.

1. Air Conditioning

While staying cool may not sound like a priority when it comes to winter getaways, it is when it comes to visiting an area such as Orlando. The warm weather offers an escape from snow and low temperatures associated with the season, but air conditioning in your resort’s room provides a proper balance.
With an AC unit, your room will be able to help you cool down after a long day under the sun. Check if the units have the latest technology in air conditioning so that you can have an updated cooling experience.
Group playing foosball and board games in their Bear's Den Resort home game room.

2. Comfortable Furniture

Older couple relaxing on their luxurious bed at their Bear's Den resort home.
Kicking back after a long day at Orlando’s theme parks requires furniture that makes it easy to get comfortable. Your resort’s furniture should have the right materials and design for this goal.
When you are not taking a nap in your bed, the couches and other furniture in the living room should be just as relaxing. Outdoor furniture can help you unwind or work on your tan.

3. Wi-Fi

If you want to stay in touch with family and friends who are not joining you on your trip without any issues, high-speed Internet can help. Resorts with Wi-Fi can help you show videos and photos of your adventures to everyone back at home.
With Wi-Fi, you can also use your phone or laptop easily for entertainment during your downtime at Bear’s Den. This can also help you research other sources of fun in the area.
Father working on a laptop while his family reading a book behind him

4. Fitness Center

Fitness room at the Bear’s Den Resort Orlando’s Nicklaus Clubhouse, with large windows offering expansive views of the Jack Nicklaus golf course.
Are you looking for ways to stay in shape on your holiday trip? If so, then look for resorts that provide a fitness center to stay on track with your health goals.
Consider resorts with a variety of fitness equipment, such as strength-training equipment, cardio machines, and yoga mats. This will help you earn high-calorie dinners later in the day.

5. Swimming Pool

Spending winter getaways in a warm environment allows you to experience luxuries you would often associate with summer vacations. That’s why we recommend staying at an Orlando resort with swimming pools.
Bear’s Den offers properties with swimming pools designed for cooling off after a long day out in Orlando’s warm weather. Pools come in different sizes, depending on your needs for a fun swim or a relaxing swim.
Couple sitting in their private Bear's Den Resort home, pool

6. Spa

Couple receiving massages in their resort home
Another way you can use your holiday retreat to unwind is by staying at a resort with a spa. Access to different massage and spa treatments offers multiple ways to release stress.
Consider resorts with mobile spa services so that you can update your experience. You can choose between therapeutic massages, facials, spa parties, and other in-home treatments.

7. Pet Policy

Do you prefer to bring pets with you on vacations or are having trouble finding someone to look after them for your vacation? If so, keep in mind which resorts in your destination have a pet-friendly policy.
Compare rooms at resorts so that you know where you can stay and give enough space for larger pets. The floors should also be tough enough to handle the claws of different furry companions.
A dog swimming in a pool with a tennis ball in his mouth

8. Home Entertainment

Large family of grandparents, parents, and kids happily watching a movie in a Bear’s Den Resort Orlando theater room.
Not every minute of your Orlando retreat must be spent at local theme parks and attractions. The resort for your trip should offer the chance to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your down time.
Some properties include a smart TV to use your favorite streaming services and a gaming console as a bonus for entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Some Bear’s Den resort homes even feature theater rooms to bring the movie-going experience to your stay.
A checklist of amenities can ensure that you have control over how and when you relax or have fun during your stay. Book with Bear’s Den today to get the most out of your holiday getaway.

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