Families riding in tubes on the lazy river ride at the water park at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando.

The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando Blog 5 Fun Pool Games to Play with Your Family This Spring Break


Who doesn’t love spending the day poolside when you’re on vacation? The cool, blue water of your private pool at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando and the warm Florida sun offer the perfect backdrop for a day of making fun memories. You and your family can add some excitement with these classic games that don’t require planning or even supplies.

Active little boy swims in a pool in swimsuit with goggles.

1 Treasure Dive

Send your kids on a hunt for not-so-buried treasure in the pool! You can use whatever loose change you have on hand or an incentive such as light-up dive sticks to toss in the deep end. Be sure the participants have goggles so they can clearly see the treasure as they dive underwater.

Happy kid jumping into a swimming pool.

2 Cannon Ball

The game dedicated to splashing is also one of creativity. Each person takes a turn jumping into the pool in a way that creates the biggest splash and most original in-flight demonstration. Aim for more hang time by jumping as high as you can off the edge.

A mom, dad, and daughter standing with a pool float in the Bear’s Den Resort Orlando water park.

3 Underwater Tea Party

Hosting an underwater tea party doesn’t require the beverage or fancy cups and saucers. Guests just need the ability to hold their breath long enough to mimic the actions of sitting on the bottom of the pool, pouring tea and then drinking it. You can add additional tasks each time you sink underwater to further challenge yourselves.

Happy mom and dad push their kids riding in tube floats in the lazy river at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando’s water park.

4 Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a game of tag in the pool with a twist. The person who is “it” closes his or her eyes while trying to “discover” where the other swimmers are. When the person calls “Marco,” the others must answer “Polo,” giving audible clues to their locations. The first swimmer to be caught is “it” for the next round.

Children swimming underwater in pool.

5 Swim Races

Test your speed and endurance with a race across the pool. You can have a series of races or even set up relay teams. Afterward, be sure to treat yourselves to a refreshing drink and tasty snack by the pool!

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