Two couples raising drink glasses in a toast at the Traditions Restaurant Bar.

The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando Blog 10 Tips to Throw a Legendary Masters Watch Party

The Masters are coming up! Why not throw the greatest watch party ever? Here are 10 tips to have an unforgettable time with your golf-loving friends.

1. It's All About the Food

It’s the championship, so you must have a feast of snacks fit for a champion! Include the classics like chips, dip, cheese, and meats, but also don’t be nervous to go all out. Fire up the grill and make hot dogs, burgers, and more! Have chicken wings (and napkins) at the ready! Don’t forget to have vegetarian options too, You’re friends will thank you!
Family talking and laughing at a table at Traditions Restaurant.

2. Themed Drinks

Now is the perfect time to get creative with your cocktails. Colors and names are a great place to start! Any green cocktail will be a hit. Call your margaritas the “Masters Margs!” You could serve the players favorite drinks or keep it classic with some spiked Arnold Palmer.
Group mixing cocktails in their private Bear's Den Resort home kitchen for a bartender experience.

3. Don’t Forget the Basics

The last thing you want to forget are the basics – plates, ice, napkins, etc. Be sure to write down a list of everything you need and make sure to get enough for everyone.
Set of white plates and linen napkins stacked next to a jar of utensils

4. Dress for the Occasion

Why not pull out your best green jacket for this momentous occasion? It will delight guests to see you get into the Masters spirit and wear the iconic uniform color.
Group of three men golfing at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando.

5. Start a Masters Pool

Friendly competition is always fun! Go head to head with your friends and start a Masters pool. Have everyone contribute some cash to the pot to make it extra interesting.
Group Of Three Men Walking With Golf Equipment On The Signature Courses At Bear's Den Resort Orlando.

6. Have a Swing Off

Let’s see which of your friends has the best swing. During a commercial or as you wait for the event to start, go out to your yard with a golf club and put you and your friends skills to the test. Appoint 2-3 judges while the rest line up and each take a turn swinging. Whoever has the best form wins!
Two couples practice their putting on The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando’s golf course.

7. Host a Trivia Challenge

Golf and the Masters are long-loved. See who knows the most with trivia challenges during commercial breaks. It will be a brainy blast!
Family relaxing on the couch in their Bear's Den Resort home living room

8. Play a Masters Drinking Game

Make the Masters a little more interesting with a golf-lover drinking game. Each take turns coming up with rules and write them on a white board. Hang the rules up as you watch the game and see if you sip more than the player’s swing.
Friends angry about losing a video game while hanging out and drinking beer

9. Have Masters Bingo Cards

If drinking isn’t your thing, apply the same kind of rules to bingo! Pre-make bingo cards predicting different scenarios that may show up on screen. As the Masters goes on, see who will be the first to get bingo!
Older woman marking a bingo card

10. Can’t Go Wrong With Cake

As a general party rule, cake (or any dessert) is always appreciated. As the night comes to an end, celebrate an amazing time with cake. You can even have it decorated for the occasion!
Happy family enjoying slices of cake
We at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando hope you’re inspired by our fun-filled watch party tips!

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