Dad watching his son and daughter put on the golf course.

The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando Blog 10 Golf Trip Essentials


Ready to swing into your golf getaway? Here are 10 essentials to pack for a vacation on the greens.

1. Golf Clubs

Don’t forget to pack your clubs! Having your personal set on vacation will help you play your best. Of course, you can plan on renting clubs, however, it’s possible to bring your own!
Set of golf clubs in a bag on a green

2. Golf Bag

This goes without saying, but your golf bag is absolutely essential! There, you’ll store all you need for a great game.
Two male friends carrying golf clubs on a green

3. Travel Case

Having a trustworthy travel case to carry your gear is vital! You want to make sure that everything stays in tip top shape while on the move.
Group of three men golfing at The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando.

4. Comfortable Clothes

Comfortable golf attire is important to keep your game at its best! Make sure you check the weather beforehand to pick the proper attire to take to the fairway.
Group of couples walking together

5. Quality Hat

A good hat you can rely on is important! Not only are they stylish, but they block the sun and keep you cool.
Grandparents helping their grandson on the jungle gym at the Bear's Den Resort

6. Sunscreen

Sun protection is essential when you’re on the course. Be sure to bring sunscreen and reapply. The last thing you want are some distracting sunburns!
Man applying sunscreen on his arm

7. Sunglasses

Also helpful to combat the sun are sunglasses! This will keep your eyes on the prize when out on the course.
Man holding a golf club on a green

8. Rain Gear

Be ready for whatever weather! A drizzle isn’t rare in Florida, so be sure to pack a jacket or umbrella to stay dry. 
Man playing a round of golf in the rain while covering his golf clubs with an umbrella

9. A Sweater

It could get cold on the course! Bringing a warm layer like a sweater is a smart move.
Male friends chatting with one another on a golf course

10. Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! It’s easy to get caught up in the game and forget to drink water, but if you bring your water bottle, you’ll always have a way to stay hydrated!
Woman holding a reusable water bottle
With these 10 golf essentials, you’ll be teeing up for success!

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